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by Zakaa Luxury |

March 15th marks the World Consumers Rights Day. A day where awareness is raised about consumers rights and needs, ensuring you have  the necessary information to make an informed purchase.

How does Zakaa come into play?

If you appreciate the artistry and mechanics that makes up a fine timepiece, or you simply want to make a statement about your lifestyle with the watch on your wrist, it is unnerving when you realise that fake watches are not just in the street but sold in high-end street shops, shopping malls, hotels, online, and more. It has indeed grown out of control and dangerous for would be genuine consumers.

Zakaa values the craftsmanship of Swiss watch makers and stand against counterfeit watches!!!
Fake watches are a big NO!

Selling/ buying fake watches shows a complete disregard of the time, resources, precision and thought that goes into making the watches. These counterfeits can’t keep accurate time, aren’t water resistant and are certainly not durable.

How to Avoid Buying Fakes;

Buy from an official retailer – Zakaa is official retail partner to over 40 luxury brands.

Make sure you get a certificate of authenticity.
-  Zakaa provides a certificate and warranty to her customers.

Research on the watch prices.
- Zakaa offers the best prices!

Watch out for obvious design/manufacturing flaws.

Most of all, save yourself the hassle, Trust Zakaa Today!

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